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Industry Challenge in Loan Management

What is MAXCommercial?  MAXCommercial is a fully-integrated platform of solutions designed specifically for commercial real estate loan portfolio management. MAXCommercial aligns people, information and processes to cut costs, reduce compliance risk, and maximize recovery. The current banking environment presents some of the greatest challenges that the industry has ever faced. Government regulation is at an all-time high with Dodd/Frank and Stress II, among others. The merger of the OTS and OCC has added even more confusion to the situation and made compliance much more difficult for today’s banker. For majority of the banks, their greatest risk is in managing their Commercial Loan Portfolio. This is the largest exposure and also the #1 concern for every branch of bank regulation and oversight.

Banks continue to struggle with mitigating risk on their commercial portfolio, correctly setting reserves on classified assets and loan classification itself. That is why there is an evident need for robust loan management software solution that could respond to all demands.To compound these issues bank currently face, average bank has technology solutions that are outdated and heavily reliant on manual process/workflow and mostly utilize Excel spread sheets to manage their portfolio. This is simply not a scalable solution or one that is capable of managing a portfolio effectively, let alone assist in addressing compliance.Portfolio loan management software for loan reviewEin-Sof has a created a platform called “MAXCommercial” that started as a cohesive portfolio due diligence platform designed to optimize loan review in portfolio acquisition or sale process. The solution has literally revolutionized the loan review process as it combines automated workflow with single page data entry/validation, built in calculations and dynamic loan/pool analytics.

“I like your product. I’d like it working at a bank, and I like it as a regulator. I did 12 years at a bank and I’ve done 10 years as a regulator, so I’m telling you I like it from both sides. I don’t see any down side. You also have one more advantage. This system is a document repository too. When I go into a bank and ask, show me evidence of your compliance monitoring, they could actuality point me to your system and I could see their review notes and pull up the image documents that provide evidence of compliance.“
David B., FDIC Bank Examiner and former Chief Audit Executive at Imperial Bankcorp

Benefits of our banking software By taking the key segments of the MAXCommercial platform and overlaying specific modules, Ein-Sof is able to offer a solution that provides a very robust portfolio management tool. Some of the features are:

  • Combines electronic file storage with a high level loan data platform.
  • Add-on modules include:
  • A Loss Share section that is designed to guide the bank in correct administration of their loss share portfolio and keep them in compliance with the terms of their Loss Share Agreement with the FDIC.
  • SAG (Special Assets or Managed Assets) module that is designed to take the loan data in our system and manage a loan as it transitions to a classified asset or a higher risk credit grade. With features such as 1) Automated notifications 2) built in Criticized Asset Report generator and 3) Loan sign off tracking this system truly takes portfolio control to the next level.
Today’s banks are faced with tremendous challenges in managing their portfolio risk and meeting ever-changing compliance requirements. With MAXCommercial loan management software, Ein-Sof provides a state of the art solution that will assist on both levels with maximum results.Learn more by contacting our expert team.

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