Ein-Sof is committed towards helping its clients to derive value through their IT investments.
We bring technology-enabled business and engineering services that help your business growth, cost control as well as improved operations efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Ein-Sof has made significant investments in understanding manufacturing operations of industrial manufacturing industry. Our years of experience in consulting, business systems, technology integration and outsourcing produce results for every business.
This has enabled us to conceptualize and develop industry specific services and solutions leading to operational benefits from reductions in manufacturing costs to improved time-to-profit.

We help our manufacturing clients to realize value by:
1.    Optimizing manufacturing operations
2.    Enhanced visibility into supply chain operations and better demand responsiveness
3.    Enable revenue growth through enhanced customer experience
4.    Leveraging industry best practices and methodologies
5.    Adoption of niche technologies and solutions
Supporting global manufacturing businesses, Ein-Sof makes a difference through the addition of value. We believe that our understanding of manufacturing operations as exemplified through our industry specific solutions and that makes us stand out from our competition.
We deliver innovative business and technology solutions that help our manufacturing clients around the globe achieve what they want most: results.

We strongly recommend Ein-Sof Messaging and Collaboration Platform - IRIS.
Benefits of having Iris Corporate Messenger in your organization IRIS is a custom corporate and messaging system, representing a powerful platform for collaboration within an organization. It integrates all means of communication like: IM, SMS, Telephony, and VOIP.
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