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Throughout the years of servicing the needs of our clients, operating in various areas, we have accumulated knowledge from a wide variety of industry and service sectors.
We have used this valuable asset to create a matrix of know-how that is the foundation of our Custom Solutions department.
Ein-Sof has the expertise to provide the accurate solution to your needs, however specific they may be.

•   System Integration:
The components of a solution alone are not enough - integrating them into an operational ensemble is the key ingredient in the recipe for the solution, and that is where our experience in integrating system of various complexities will come to your aid.
•  ERP solutions implementation: 
The management of the information and the functions of your organization is a complex task. An ERP solution will promote seamless integration of your operational processes, but only if implemented with a high level of quality and commitment. We are experienced in implementing ERP solutions from different vendors in a wide range of industries.
•  eCommerce  services
With the increasing popularity of online shopping has increased the needs for eCommerce platform services.
Ein-Sof offers full spectar of eCommerce services through implementing Magento platform.
With implementation of eCommerce platform your business will gain features like:
-    Site management,
-    Analytics/Reporting,
-    Checkout, payment and Shipping,
-    Order management,
-    Marketing Promotions and tools,
-    SEO,
-    Customer Accounts,
-    Customer Services and International Support and
-    Mobile Commerce.
•  Outsourcing:
We provide outsourcing services to a number of our partners, appearing as sub-contractor in highly complex projects, therefore enabling the contractor partner to devote its attention to its core business, following the premise that everyone should be doing what he/she knows best to do.
•  IT Consulting:
Whether you are planning on establishing a new IT structure in your organization, or you need to re-evaluate an existing setup, we will provide you with expert on-site IT consulting, analysis and auditing services anywhere in the world.
•  Business process analysis:
Our experience in business process analysis for the purposes of Information System design and implementation, allows us to bring improvements in your business operations, implementing best practices and increasing your efficiency and productivity.
•  Document Management solutions
The speed with which you can find any document will revolutionise your efficiency. Retrieving documents, the cost of misfiling and outright document loss all contribute to increased overheads, additional effort and poor service.
    Our Value includes:

Development of new philosophy in process design:
•   Process design is based on using Document Type Attributes instead of using Structured Data Types;
•   This kind of process design is cheaper than others because there is no need for purchasing Structured Data Types licenses;
•   Some workflow information are bound to the document, therefore making the workflow more traceable;
•   The process design is extremely flexible and adaptable to changes in the structure of the organization;
•   This new intuitive approach in process design can be easily adapted to legal requirements and organizational rules and policies.
Best practice experience in creating an Organizational structure:
•   Enables definition of flexible an Organizational structure that makes the assignment of workflow actors fully automatic;
•   Enables optimal connection between different organizational units and groups;
•   Enables the selection of workflow actors to be based on multiple criteria;
•   Enables flexible workflow dynamics. Organizational structure can be modified in Documentum Administrator without having the need to modify the processes in Process Builder.
Development of custom modules tailored to the specific needs of the client:
•   Interface that is easily adapted ;
•   Development of cross-platform libraries;
•   Development of custom solution used for process flow automation, control and monitoring;
•   Expanding the features of Documentum Process Builder;
•   Development of custom made features for integrating workflow reporting of multiple workflows;
•   Custom expansion of Documentum Search features;
•   Expanding the Documentum capabilities for exporting data, allowing support of different additional formats (pdf and various industry standard data exchange formats); Customization of template style sheets.

Successful  Implementations of Electronic Record & Document Management System (ERDMS):

•   Government of Republic of Macedonia (16 Ministries and 5 governmental institutions)
•   The Power Supply Company of Macedonia-Research and Development department
•   Drug Biro- Ministry of Health of Republic of Macedonia
•   Employment Service Agency of the Republic of Macedonia.
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