Quality Assurance

Testing phase takes nearly 30 % of the time in any software development project emerging as a strategic function. With the need for more robust and reliable software, testing has become a vital part of Ein-Sof‘s Technical Center and a specialized function in itself.

Every defect found early in the software development lifecycle saves millions of dollars of revenues for the companies.
With end-to-end service testing capabilities across a variety of industries and products, Ein-Sof capabilities extend from traditional system and regression testing to complex services such as testing of embedded systems.
We help you improve application quality, performance and reliability while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

During its growth, Ein-Sof gained the trust for building mission critical software systems, and a reputation of a company that provides quality.
Our software deliveries deal with Automotive Diagnostics, Enterprise Solutions, and Web Applications etc. Our deliveries and production cycle are often Six Sigma compliant especially for Critical Solutions like Automotive Software or Governmental Web Applications.

Today, software is in control of every electronic device that deals with our lives and quality is the only aspect that does not take negotiations.
The knowledge and experience gained during years of building custom software solutions and achieved standards, has given Ein-Sof the opportunity to offer services in the following fields for the companies in the region, when it is about third party providers: Quality and Project Management, Functional/Regression, Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Product Development, Quality Consulting, Certification.

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