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Benefits of having Iris Corporate Messenger in your organization IRIS is a custom corporate and messaging system, representing a powerful platform for collaboration within an organization. It integrates all means of communication like: IM, SMS, Telephony, and VOIP. ….Thus providing the companies the total control on communication expenses and fast, reliable and secure centralized communication solution on all organizational layers.
The combination of powerful features combined with intuitive usage and low administration demands make it a valuable tool in increasing your organization's mobility and efficiency.
- Secure Transfer of any data in your network and protected by Firewall
- Plug-in architecture with already developed Project Management modules.
- Outlook integration
- You can connect any smart/IP phones and have free communication within your Company
- Save on maintenance costs.

IRIS features:
 - Bulletin / Bulletin message
All contacts within company (grouped and ungrouped) represent one massive bulletin. Bulletin has
special place for display on the screen and has own status indicators. Additionally Special Users can send bulletin messages which are broadcasted to all contacts.
- Groups
Groups represent company's organizational units. There are default groups built in, those are used for internal use and have special purpose. The administrator panel enables the administrator to operate groups. Iris groups have nothing to do with LDAP groups and they operate like separate entity. But putting LDAP groups into IRIS groups is transparent and if company already has some grouping into LDAP it's possible to migrate the groups into IRIS Groups.
- Contacts
Contacts are organized in groups and they bring attributes. Some attributes are predefined (administrator set) and personal (user set). Both personal and administrative attributes are stored on the RDB once they are set. Administrator attributes are exclusively set by system administrator. They include Display name, username and password, user picture, user details and system related data and privileges.
- Search
You can search contacts by their display name or put additional department filter.
- Communication
All data from client to server and vice versa obeys SIP signaling. Standard register messages are passed from one to another point. Communication layer is based on SIP implemented by RFC.
Iris SMS communication is being done on server based standard GSM modem. Since it operates with standard SIM card, and all sending is server controlled, company can predict their investment in SMS feature. Charging per person is also avoided since all charge comes on one number, on one SMS card.
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